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03/25/2015 18:20:10

INTERVIEW C. BENZAQUEN world champion in Thai boxing in 2014

"The classy spirit of Gentleman Fighter appealed to me"

1/ Can you tell us about your career path ?

I started boxing at the age of 15 in Aurélien Duarte’s Club in Châtillon. Then I started competing and I became France Junior Champion and B Class in Kickboxing.

At the age of 20, because of time constraint Aurélien asked Alex Ngom Priso to replace him. With Alex, my career was taken to a whole new level: I specialized in Thai boxing and K-1, became France amateur champion, then semi-professional and professional champion both of Thai boxing and K1.

In 2013 I became twice Europe champion of K1. In 2014 I had the supreme honor of becoming the World Champion of Thai boxing in Thailand after receiving the silver medal several times at the World Amateur Championships.

2/ How did you hear about Gentleman Fighter ?

By word of mouth and on Facebook.

3/ What appealed to you in the brand spirit?

The gentleman spirit, since it is often said that boxing is a hooligan sport played by gentlemen. This classy spirit appealed to me.

4/ To you, what do Gentleman Fighter’s clothes have more than the others?

From a technical point of view, the sport lines are of a premium quality. From a commercial point of view, the brand reflects the fighter’s state of mind. By the way, the ‘No pain no gain’ motto is a mind-set one can find in all sorts of activities, athletic or professional, where there is challenge.

5/ As a future entrepreneur, what do you consider to be qualities of Gentleman Fighter ?

The brand image which is developing, and the technicality of the sport lines that turns it into a top range product, where only a few actors are present. The four lines shall reach different audiences, however the entrepreneur as well as the sportsman identify with the brand spirit.

6/ As a sportsman, do you find the specificities of the technical clothes adapted to your training sessions ?


7/ To conclude, if you had to qualify Gentleman Fighter with one word or one sentence, it would be…?

To go forward, to keep fighting to reach your goals, elegantly and gracefully. The Fighter spirit can be put in a nutshell with this mythic sentence from Rocky VI: ‘It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.’

03/24/2015 18:18:53

INTERVIEW C. VITU European challenger 2015

"I identify myself with Gentleman Fighter's values"

1/ Can you tell us about your career path?

I became a professional boxer in 2005. To date, I’ve had 43 combats with 41 victories, among which 16 by KO. I won the French tournament, was WBC Mediterranean champion, three times France champion European Union champion, and I am the current European challenger.

2/ How did you hear about Gentleman Fighter?

It was a long time ago. I discovered the brand thanks to its founder, Hafid Asrar: we met very simply thanks to our common passion for combat sports.

3/ What appealed to you in the brand spirit?

I appreciate the brand and wear it because I identify myself with its values: elegance, perseverance, respect… I like the idea of having the possibility to choose both technical products for training and comfortable elegant clothes on daily occasions.

4/ To you, what do Gentleman Fighter’s clothes have more than the others?

The composition of the clothes is one strong asset of the brand: I do like the fibers and the neat finish of the clothes. I also like this brand because it has been thought for all kinds of combat sports, and as a boxer, I get what I want.

5/ How is the Skin Protech technology particularly adapted to your training sessions?

I love the idea that the products have been conceived with sportsmen, according to our specific needs. The clothes are tight-fitting and conform to the shape of the body: they allow you to move about freely with style thanks to the colors and cuts.

My strength lies on my flexibility and speed: thanks to the Skin Protech technology, I can execute my every move to the end. The external stitching, the compression of the clothes on the skin helping blood circulation, and its lightness make me feel good at anytime.

6/ Do you wear Gentleman Fighter clothes on daily occasions? Which ones if you do?

I do wear Gentleman Fighter clothes on daily occasions: I’ve chosen the Skin Protech products for my training sessions, and I wear almost all the different T-shirts. My favorite one is the Authentico, which was the first one. I also wear the Rialto and Visconti tracksuits as well as the boxers.

7/ To conclude, if you had to qualify Gentleman Fighter with one word or one sentence, it would be…?

That Gentleman Fighter is the chic side of combat sports.